Profile; Mr.Masaharu Oki, owner and CEO of Bigwood

Profile; Mr.Masaharu Oki

Mr.Masaharu Oki

Born on 01Sep 1962 in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Masaharu Oki was adopted by his father’s Parents who engaged in farming of cows, pigs, rice and vegetables in Nobeoka-city,Miyazaki. He grew up in the place surrounded by nature. The death of his beloved dog led him give up successful construction company to his juniors during bubble years. Since 1986, he has been striving for dog food putting all his money into it. In 1991, he launched production and distribution of dog food. He established his own theory of organic foods for dogs after studying the philosophy of natural medicine, under natural therapist Professor Kroger and Professor Clark who are introducing the European natural therapy to America. And also educated by Juanita who carries on the traditional native American medicine. In 1998, he established Bigwood, the dog food manufacture.

Mr.Oki also lectures European and the Native American traditional natural medicine. He authored ‘ Katei de naoseru pet no byoki (treatment for your pet at home).

While serving as a chairperson of an incorporated nonprofit organization,‘Dog Culture Creation Network ? Inu Tao Net’ which aims at exchanging cultures between human and dog, he also acts as a chairperson of another organization‘OPDES’ which gives you ideas of how important it is to train your dog through Dog Sports. He is both a coach and a head of the Japanese national team at the Agility World Championship. In addition, he breeds Dachshund and German Shepherds feeding only his original dog food. He received many awards in the world stage dog handling which proves his efforts.
Recently, in 2006, he opened ‘ Ueramkarap’ in Kujukuri, Chiba-ken and in Itojima,in Fukuoka-ken. These are the General Dog Training Institution for dogs and their owners.