The General Dog Training Institution in Chiba by Big Wood

The concept of BigWood Ueramkarap Kujukuri

Bigwood Kujyukuri ueramkarap
Bigwood Kujyukuri ueramkarap
BigWood Ueramkarap Kujukuri
   Hitotsumatsu bo2727-5 Chouseimura Chouseigun Chibaken Post299-4323
   Tel : 0475-32-3981 Fax : 0475-30-0182

BigWood ueramkarap Kujukuri is located along Kujukuri beach in Ciba where the Climate is endowed with cool in summer and moderate in winter. The warm Kuroshio approaches to the coastline in winter and goes away from the coastline in summer. There is a Dog-run on the natural sandy beach near there. It was opened in the closest place from Tokyo where we feel the breeze of the sea.

We are attempting to make the best environment and facility for dogs in BigWood ueramkarap Kujukuri. We hope we can offer dogs the place to study as well as the place where dog owners can communicate each other. We develop the best education for dogs and also skill of training staffs.

In the future, we’d like to build the reforming shelter for dogs. We will apply 5% of BigWood Ueramkarap Kujukuri’s turnover and 1% of BigWood’s dog foods turnover to the conduct of the reforming shelter in order to reduce numbers of killing dogs in the country. We are planning to establish school, the first Japanese Dog Culture Institution as the collaboration business of the Wood Green Non profit Organization of the Dog Culture network in UK and Bigwood in Japan.